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Toe Taps Make Any Dance Shoes Tap Shoes

November 16th, 2012 | Posted by TimD in NY Dancewear | Shoes | Tips

Dancing styles call for different equipment. Capezio dance shoes and Bloch dance shoes are among the most versatile of dance footwear. These shoes are specially designed to offer comfort, support, and flexibility that is vital for keeping a dancer’s feet healthy. Whether you are aggressively dancing in a hip-hop style or are aiming for the loftier ballet, you want to have the right shoes.

Of course, many people assume these shoes are simply not right for tap dancing. This is not entirely true. Tap dancing shoes can be a specific tap-ready version of these shoes. There is another option, though. Instead of buying tap-specific shoes, you can simply buy the metal toe tap accessory that is so important to the style. These separate metal parts can be attached to the dance shoe you already have to make the clicking and clacking sound so important to the style.

If you are thinking of trying tap, purchasing toe taps for a pair of dance shoes you already own is the best and most cost-effective method of dipping your toe into tap. Browse the selection of toe taps at New York Dancewear for all of your tap dancing needs.

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