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Cut Just for You

February 7th, 2013 | Posted by elizabethr in Leotards | NY Dancewear | Tights

red dancewear topWhat you wear to your dance class can often mean the difference between an enjoyable training session and one that is a struggle to push through. Any professional dancer will attest to the fact that no matter how great your love of the sport is, training can be a challenge. Between mastering new techniques, keeping on top of classic moves and trying to avoid injuries the entire time, a lot goes into training. Therefore, your attire should not be such that it makes the experience unbearable.

First order of business is properly fitting Bloch dance shoes. But, once you have secured a few pairs of those, it is time to get down to the business of dancewear that is both functionally efficient and fashionably pleasing. An ill-fitting leotard or pair of too small Capezio tights is not the way to walk into a long day of practice. While options for dancewear abound, we are not all built the same. Many of us have our own bodily quirks and the standard measurements do not do us justice.

NY Dancewear offers dancewear that is cut to order. This allows you to choose your own design and color, either for yourself or for your entire company, along with having a pattern cut to size in a fabric that pleases your body. These garments are made special for you and you can add a bra lining, thong backs, and snap crotches to most pieces.

Dancewear made easy, and for you!

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