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Protecting Yourself From Long-Term Dancing Injuries

April 17th, 2013 | Posted by elizabethr in Uncategorized

Preventing Injuries Before They End Your Ability To Slip On Capezio Tights

Whether you dance for fun or are competitive in your sport, dancing injuries are par for the course. While a sprained ankle is not the end of the world, repeatedly injuring yourself can cause lasting injuries that will haunt you right up until old age. By no means should you let this discourage you from continuing to slip into your Bloch shoes and leotard. You should, however, be aware of the top risk factors for lasting dancing injuries. Knowing what leads to these injuries can help you avoid a lifetime of aches and pains. Before you pull on your next pair of Capezio tights, read through the list below and learn what factors are most likely to lead to injury.

Risk Factors for Injuries:

  1. Inexperience: Without the skills and experience to meet the demands of dancing lifestyle, beginners are often the ones who suffer the most injuries on the dance floor. Prevent this by going at a pace your body is comfortable with and that matches your skill level.
  2. Poor Technique: There is a reason your ballet teacher keeps harping you about your technique. Not only does poor technique look bad, it can quickly lead to injuries. The techniques designed are made to look lovely and keep the dancer safe. Practice yours today.
  3. Over-Training: We understand that competitive dance takes practice, practice and more practice. But, over-training strains your muscles and leaves them susceptible to injury. Make sure you work at least one day of rest into your schedule!

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